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Bighorn SurpriseBighorn Surprise

2017 Photo Challenge:

After completing two "365-challenges" in a row (aka. post one new picture per day for two years), I decided to slow down and add more quality rather than quantity.
Be on the lookout for regular new images added to my blog and Facebook page.



2016 Photo Challenge: "Best of Arizona"

In 2016, I am continuing on the path of a "365-day photo challenge".  This year, I post one new image every day of my favorite places and wildlife in Arizona.  Check my Facebook page to see the daily image!




2015 Photo Challenge: "Salt River Wild Horses"

In 2015, I completed my first "365-day photo challenge".  I posted one new image every day of Arizona's wild horses (a.k.a. mustangs) who live along the Salt river, in the Tonto National Forest.  Check my blog to see how it went or browse to the galleries to see the results!


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  Full CurlFull Curl



In January 2014, we set off on the adventure of a lifetime

For five months straight, we explored Mexico and Central America. Read all about it in our book, available for all devices and in paperback: Click here