I love wildlife and most of all: keeping wildlife wild.  Born in Belgium (Europe), I moved to the United States in 2003.  After spending the next 15 years stuck in an office working as a computer engineer, I switched careers and now spend my time living full-time on the road traveling to wildlife destinations and writing about all things wildlife related, mostly with an emphasis on conservation and sustainable wildlife tourism.  After all: what good is a 'pretty' picture if you're not helping the animal and its environment? Highlights of recent trips include the American West, Canada, Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Future dream destinations include extended road trip visits to Mongolia and Russia's Kamchatka and, a road trip from the U.S. to Argentina, documenting wildlife and conservation issues and successes along the way.

Having graduated as a Certified Professional Photographer (New York Institute of Photography), I took my first steps into professional photography as a wedding and portrait photographer in 2013 but soon discovered my true passion for wildlife photography.  I switched from my I.T. career into full-time wildlife photography and writing in 2018.

My photography and articles have been published in numerous online and offline publications including Arizona Highways, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Bugle, The Times, Cowboy State Daily and Destination:Wildlife.  I am currently a team member and writer at Destination:Wildlife.  I have written several books on photography and my travels.

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