Award Winner: 5th 35AWARDS!

July 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I was very excited to receive word from one of the world's largest photography competitions: 35 AWARDS. (Web | Instagram | Facebook)

Over 117,000 professional and amateur photographers from 173 countries participated in the latest annual competition and submitted 418,000 photographs. The photographs were judged in three different stages and 98 million votes were received. Ultimately, 50 professional photographers from 50 different countries select the winners from the photographs that received the most votes.

I am honored and grateful (perhaps shocked is a better word) to announce that:

  • I was named as one of the Top 35 Wildlife Photographers in the world
  • I was named as one of the Top 35 Photographers in the U.S. (across all categories, not just wildlife)
  • One of my images was selected to be a part of the annual Catalogue

The awards were given based on these 3 of my images:

This image scored the highest and made it into the Annual 35AWARDS Catalogue


News about my award has been reported by:

- Destination:Wildlife: click here to read the article

- Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws: click here to read the article

- Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad: click here to read the post


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