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  • Selling well to National Parks and wildlife tourists.
  • Great reviews by readers and organizations like RV Life Magazine (1M+ readers)
  • The book focuses on wildlife tourism areas such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Alaska.
  • Published in 2020, the book is geared towards amateur photographers who want to learn how to use their camera, where to find animals and be able to make better images. 
  • Book written by award winning, professional wildlife photographer and author Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven, named one of the World's Top Wildlife Photographers in 2020. (35AWARDS)
  • Amazon.com retail price = $19.99
    Bookstore retail prices range around $20 - $25 (at your discretion)
  • Look inside the book: click here for the first 30 pages.  Note that the final printed book has front and back cover in color; interior pages in black & white.
    More book info: click here or here for the listing on Amazon.com
  • 171 Pages. 6" x 9" format.


Minimum order 3 copies = $32 ($10.67 per book) 
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  • Delivery time from time of ordering is 2 to 3 weeks.
  • All sales are final.  Returns can only be made in case of a damaged shipment upon delivery.

Note: if your store also sells fine art prints, Jorn has many available from the wildlife found in the American West. (Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Alaska, etc.)  Click here for samples. Please contact us for pricing and availability.



"Nearly every RVer would claim that they love nature and enjoy getting out in it. A great majority of those will admit to having taken pictures while RVing. One hotspot where RVers and wildlife come together is Yellowstone National Park. Here, the opportunity to capture wildlife on camera is more the norm, rather than the exception. Once we get home, however, and start paging through our phones and digital cameras, we find that the ratio of quality images is usually exceeded by those that are less so. Now there is a new book, the Beginners Guide to Bird and Wildlife Photography to help change that ratio."
- RV Life Magazine

"First and foremost I appreciated this authors concern and respect for his wildlife subjects. This book is written in easy to understand language with great examples of photos taken with different settings. This is the perfect book for those new to photography and those ready to come out of the “auto” mode."
- Linda Jansen, U.S.A.

"Excellent book written exceptionally well for the avid beginner. In reviewing the principles covered, I can see how i could greatly improve my photos with some very simple concepts. The ohh, that makes sense moment. Includes a variety of incredible wildlife shots."
- Bud Kirn, U.S.A.

"This is a very interesting book. It starts with interesting aspects/thoughts of nature photography and then digs into basics and even more technical aspects. The descriptions and techniques are very well written and should be very easy for a beginner to understand. Good reading for an intermediate photographer as well. The book includes a number of extremely well done shots of birds and animals. The writer is definitely top notch."
- Jim Mitchell, U.S.A.

"This book is a great first book for people that don't know a lot about cameras....Good Job!!"
- Photographer Duane Starr, Canada

"This book is excellent for beginners. It gives concise instructions, using wording that is easy to understand. I recommend it for the novice photographer."
- Lauren Demby, U.S.A.

See more reader reviews at the book's Amazon's review page.


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