"Save Our Wild Horses" Donations

100% of profits of "Save Our Wild Horses" products goes directly to feed (rescued) wild horses.

Rescued wild horses at the Wild Horse Preservation Society, Laramie, WY.   Image used courtesy of Wild Horse Preservation Society.

Our wild horse populations are under attack.  How can we who want to protect them help?

Education is one.  Spread the word.  Fight the stereotypes that wild horses are intruders on our public lands and destroy the native fauna and flora.  Be a voice for the horses.  Share my published articles on our wild horses (find them here) or buy a sticker to make the public aware that help is desperately needed (find the sticker here).

Money is another one.  There are several good organizations out there who are fighting for our wild horses.  Some do it by lobbying our politicians.  Others fight court battles.  Others still have their boots on the ground and either take care of wild horses while they are in the wild or adopt wild horses who have suffered a BLM round-up in order to provide them with a meaningful life.

After actively selling "save our wild horses" stickers and lip balms, in October 2023, a check of $800 was given to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  In December 2021, I am happy to report that thanks to all of you, a check of $1,200 was given to the Wild Horse Preservation Society based in Laramie, Wyoming.  Read below how they spent the money.

October 2023 donation: $800 to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that provides and maintains a permanent private home for wild horses, adopted after these horses were rounded up and removed from their native lands by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The donation of $800 was divided over four wild mustangs ($200 per mustang) and is used to provide:

  • Hay (especially during winter feeding)
  • Water
  • Land (cost of the sanctuary lands)
  • Professional services to support the wild horses (vet, ...)

Here are the four mustangs that are supported for a year through the donation:

"Lala Bye"

"Red as the sunset"



Click here for more information on the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary or to donate to them directly.

December 2021 donation: $1,200 to the Wild Horse Preservation Society

The Wild Horse Preservation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and fully 100% supported by volunteers, administration costs are extremely limited which means the money will directly benefit and impact the wild horses. 

They maintain a herd of approximately 300 BLM mustangs and rescues on private land (22,000 acres) near Laramie, Wyoming.  Throughout the year, they require donations to purchase:

  • Hay for winter feeding
  • Oats to administer medications
  • Mares Match Milk Replacer for rescued foals
  • Gelding to control the size of the herd
  • Fencing repairs and maintenance

As our donation was made in December, it went to purchasing hay for winter feeding.  $1,200 fed about 6 wild horses daily during the three coldest winter months!

Click here for more info on the Wild Horse Preservation Society or to donate to them directly.


If you want to support our wild horses, please click here to buy available products.

As always, thank you very much for your support and let's keep up the good fight!