PLEASE NOTE: I will be traveling abroad on a photography trip from 1/1/2022 through 3/31/2022.

During this time, I am unable to ship sticker orders.

Wild Horse sticker sales will resume upon my return, thanks!





Our wild horse populations are under attack.  In my never ending search for how to best help them, I have created a sticker (4x5", die cut).  The sticker is for sale (click here) and all profits benefit wild horse rescue.

Ideally suited to be displayed on your car, RV, or pretty much any other place you can think of, your purchase helps support the wild horses for generations to come and in getting the word out about their dire situation.

How much does buying stickers help?

In addition to help spread the word, your purchase concretely helps feed a rescued wild horse.

For example,

  • Purchasing 1 sticker feeds a rescued wild horse for 1-2 days 
  • Purchasing 2 stickers feeds a rescued wild horse for 3-4 days
  • Purchasing 20 stickers feeds a rescued wild horse for an entire month

Current Running Total: 31 stickers, $98 to be donated *  (New Sales Since Dec 23, 2021)

Previously Donated on Dec 23, 2021: $1,200 (378 stickers sold: click here for details)

* The more stickers get ordered, especially bulk orders, the lower the sticker production cost becomes which will increase profit per sticker to $5 so please spread the word!
Profit per sticker is currently $3.17 (= $8 minus sticker production cost, domestic/international stamps, Etsy (re)listing fee, Etsy transaction fee, Etsy payment processing fee, Etsy marketing fee / offsite ads fee, optional 20% Etsy coupon usage)

To draw attention to the plight of the wild horses, I have recently written two articles that were published by Destination:Wildlife.


Here is an incomplete list of non-profit organizations where you can donate directly to help support our wild horses and burros:


Thank you for your support!

 - Jorn