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February 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When sitting in a wildlife blind, it's not always possible to take pictures.  The elk in the below video came so close to my blind that any noise; especially the shutter noise from the camera; would scare them away.  So, I hit the record button and made a video.  

I find it quite interesting to see how the elk constantly scan their environment.  While standing in the forest or drinking from a water hole, their ears are always moving around.  Must not be easy for a predator to sneak up on these amazing creatures.  

That being said, it was easy to sit in a blind and make this video.  Goes to show that hunting isn't that difficult considering we use bullets and don't have to physically take the animal down.  If I had used a gun rather than a camera, these elk could be in my freezer right now as opposed to the forest where they belong.  Humans hunting takes away most of the natural defences that animals have evolved to protect themselves in nature ... Shouldn't we give the animals a fair fight?

Hunters have their reasons, which I don't get.  Although, for hunting to be disallowed, you must really disallow all hunting.  You cannot stop hunting deer while still killing bears, wolves, mountain lions, coyotes ... Nature is great at creating a natural balance as long as all the pieces are in play.

Enough ranting, enjoy the video!


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