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A beautiful coyote posed for a second before disappearing.

I was setup in a field to photograph birds when this coyote approached me to within 30 yards.  My 600mm lens and crop sensor camera body did the rest to capture the spirit of this amazing animal.

When you observe them in the wild, they act exactly the same as our best friend: our dog!

Why on earth today's Game & Fish (government!) bureau allows the non-stop, senseless and dare I say unnecessary slaughter of these beautiful creatures, is beyond me. 

Case in point, a father recently reported traveling with his two young daughters (8 and 11) in Wyoming on Spring break.  They inadvertently and shockingly came upon a cooler containing poisoned meat with several poisoned coyotes next to it ... out in the open!  It's bad enough that these creatures were needlessly killed; but what if a protected species like a grizzly were to find this death trap?

Please sign the petition to stop the needless slaughter of these beautiful animals:





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