Happy Mother's Day

April 30, 2021  •  4 Comments

In honor of moms around the world, I created this series of images.

We all know from our own experiences how tough it can be to be a human mom.  Firsthand experience for the moms among us; secondhand experience for me personally as a son - who no doubt tested my moms patience on numerous occasions!

Being a mom in the animal kingdom isn't any easier however.

Animal babies seem to be just as playful, mischievous and rambunctious as their human counterparts.

Wildlife Photography Tip:

Moms are very protective of their babies, for good reason. As a photographer, keep your distance when photographing moms and babies.  Use your biggest lens - I like to be around 500 or 600mm typically and stay well beyond the required distance - to not intrude on their personal space. 

When babies are born in spring, moms need all their energy to take care of the little ones so please do not place getting the picture over their welfare!

Mother's Day Tip

If your mom (or someone else) likes wildlife, consider one of my Fine Art Prints, starting at just $45.

For Mother's Day, use code THANKYOUMOM to get 10% off! (Deadline is Sunday 5/9/2021)

As usual, shipping is free and the typical Fine Art Print gets delivered to your door within a few days from ordering.

And now the pictures ...

I photographed this moose cow and her calf last fall in Wyoming. Over the course of a few days as I observed them from a safe distance, I fell in love with the antics of the young moose as he discovered his new world. 

When a big bull moose came over - possibly to see whether mom was interested in mating, the youngster decided to give the bull moose the sniff test

It looked like the big bull moose didn't quite know what to make of this ... so he got up and left. :-)

With the big bull gone, who better to take out all of your extra energy on than mom?

Bear cubs are an especially rambunctious bunch.

As mom tries to catch up on fattening up after a long cold winter spent in hibernation, the youngsters can be a little out of control. :-)

Much like their human counterparts, grizzly moms are not to be messed with!

When things threaten to get out of hand ...


... there's mom.

And finally, how better to finish this honor to moms than with Grizzly 399 and her four cubs.  

Not surprisingly, this image is - by a wide margin - the best-selling Fine Art Print of the past year! 

Order here: Fine Art Print of 399 and her cubs.


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Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Thank you Roberta!
- Jorn
Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Thank you Veronica!
- Jorn
Roberta Kravette(non-registered)
Love your images of caring, strong, heroes of the natural world - the moms!
Veronica Dasilva(non-registered)
Unbelievable photos
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