New Article Published about America's Wild Horses!

April 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Do you like wild horses?

If you follow my work here on my blog or on social media (Facebook and Instagram), no doubt you have noticed that I love wild horses. I love spending time with them, photographing them ...

And, that's what my new article is all about.  My latest article was just published by Destination:Wildlife.  My tips on where to find, how to visit and photograph the many wild horses that live in the American West!

Find the article here:

And, if you can't get enough of our wild horses (... like me ...), keep an eye out for the 2nd article that I wrote: it will be published soon, again by Destination:Wildlife.  The 2nd article deals with the history of our wild horses including the many struggles they are faced with!

Here are some of my recent favorite wild horse images.  Reminder that I am posting one new wild horse image daily in 2021 here on my blog.




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