Is It Friday Yet?

August 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most important lessons in wildlife photography is that there are rarely any do-overs!

Sometimes you arrive in a place, see a beautiful animal in good light and think ... ah, he/she'll be there tomorrow.  Think again. 

Wildlife is, well, wild.  

Any opportunity you get to photograph a wild animal is one you should take; that's definitely a major takeaway from my almost 3 years now as a full-time wildlife photographer.

How does that relate to these images?  Well, I had just arrived in Yellowstone National Park after spending the spring months in Jackson Hole and the Tetons.  Almost immediately after settling in, this fox came trotting over a hill.  I grabbed my camera and photographed this beautiful animal, although I was initially thinking: "this fox must live around here so I'll have plenty of opportunities over the next month or so as I stay here ..."

Good thing I did as I didn't see the fox again!

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