It's Almost That Time of the Year ...

August 20, 2021  •  2 Comments

Back when I grew up in Belgium (Europe), I used to hate September 1 approaching. 

You see, with the typical crappy weather that Belgians 'enjoy' (endure is a better word), the end of summer means the arrival of cold, cloudy and rainy fall, winter and spring seasons.  

And, of course, September 1 signals the reopening of the schools, which wasn't my favorite pastime growing up.

Now that I'm a wildlife photographer by profession however, I can't wait for the long, boring, hot summer months to pass!  The wildlife typically hides when the temperatures get up into the 80s (and above) during July and August.

Fall, as in September and October, are two of the best months for wildlife viewing and photography. Having spent the summer months in Yellowstone National Park to photograph the bison rut (my newest article on this is awaiting publication as we speak!), I'm about to make the short journey back to Jackson Hole to photograph some of my favorite fall subjects: the elk and moose mating seasons (a.k.a. "rut").

I'm expecting to be in Jackson Hole and the Tetons throughout September and October to photograph this amazing wildlife action.

Here are a few shots from past ruts.

Bull moose poses in front of the snowy Teton mountains in mid October


Bull moose crosses the river, heading for another bull in late September


Bull moose walks straight towards the camera, early October


Cow moose walks into a creek for a drink of water


Bull moose versus small plant.  The moose typically wins. 
Bull moose like to rub their antlers against trees and plants to get rid of the velvet.


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Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Thanks Susan!
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You captured some great moments!
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