Grizzly 399 and Bruno in Grand Teton National Park

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The day was a Tuesday in late May.

In April and May, I'm out daily in Grand Teton National Park to look for wildlife to photograph. 

On this particular day, I was exploring 399's home range when I noticed two bears in the distance.

One looked like an adult, the other like an older cub.

I setup my camera and started waiting; hoping that they would make their way within range for a good picture.

Crop of a picture taken from far away


As they got closer and closer, I realized what I had been looking at in the distance ...  

It was not an adult grizzly with a cub, it was a huge male grizzly accompanying a female grizzly sow: Bruno and 399!

Bruno of course is the dominant male grizzly in this part of the National Park and he is believed to be the father of 399's previous litters, including the quads.


399 looks at Bruno


And it became clear very soon that 399 was moving fast: she was trying to get away from Bruno.

She spent time grazing, always supervised by Bruno.


Look at the size of Bruno on the left!


Bruno in the foreground keeps his eye on 399


She tried to get away from Bruno, over and over again. 


399 on the run


399 on the run

Grizzly 399 -- Print starts at $47: click here for Etsy shop


399 being agitated at Bruno


Bruno wasn't having any of it.  He chased 399 wherever she went.


Bruno breathing hard as he had to exercise quite hard to keep up with 399



Bruno in full sprint ... pretty scary to see him running at you!


Perhaps she isn't too thrilled about having new cubs so soon after raising the quads?  We'll know in a few months!

By now, 399 is hopefully safely in her winter den. 

If you're interested in a Fine Art Print of 399 or Bruno, I have several available on museum-quality archival paper, metal/aluminum or canvas gallery wrap, starting at just $45: shop here on Etsy.

P.S. If you're looking for a collectable print of grizzly 399, contact gallery Amaran on the Jackson town square just outside of Grand Teton National Park.  Limited edition, signed print of 399 on acrylic is available.  Click here for the Amaran website or call them at 307-200-6757.



Grizzly 399

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