Cattle or Grizzlies?

July 08, 2022  •  2 Comments

When you like nature, wildlife and value places where you can still get away and hope to see a grizzly or wolf, it feels like the ability of a large part of the population to even tolerate our wildlife is getting smaller and smaller.

It'll be a sad day when the last grizzly or wolf gets shot.

An ever growing human population will unavoidably result in the disappearance of all things wild.

Case in point, this latest news:

to accommodate cattle grazing in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the previous administration approved the killing of 72 (!) grizzlies.

The desire of a few ranchers to use our public land to graze their cattle herd will likely result in the killing of 72 grizzly bears, who have been inhabiting said land since time immemorial. 

Little surprise that it has been demonstrated over and over that the beef industry holds a lot of sway, both over our elected politicians as well as our federal agencies like the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. (click here)

The beef and dairy industry spends a fortune - over $200 million in the past 20 years - to downplay the large contribution their industry makes to climate change and to invent unproven reasons about the need to exterminate predators like wolves and grizzlies.

Our wild horses, wolves and grizzlies pay the ultimate price.

It makes me think about the millions of tourists who make it to Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in particular every year.  Would they love to see a cow in the National Forest or a grizzly?

For those not in the know: the Bridger-Teton National Forest covers part of Jackson Hole, adjoins Grand Teton NP and houses grizzlies like Felicia, whose cub is pictured below.

Fingers and toes crossed that people who still value wildness can put a stop to this.

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Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Hi Michelle,

Thank you!

I'm awaiting pricing of the vendor for the 2023 calendar. There are a few images of the Teton bears included with, of course, 399. I'll keep you posted. I estimate that the pricing will be around $25 as usual.

Michelle Weyler(non-registered)
First of all Jorn, congratulations on your once again prestigous awards!! Thank you for your beautiful photography, the stories that accompany them, not being so reserved to share the names of bears whom we're engaged with viewing through your pictures, especially for those of us who are unable to travel to the many places you do but love following the bears journeys.

I believe I see calendars for sale in you gallery display. Would you please let me know how much and if you ship? I'm especially interested in none other than anything that pertains to 399...Although, I certainly love them all!! You will no doubt be successful at your showing.

Thank You!
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