Fall Colors

September 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

After a long summer photographing the bears in Alaska, I made it back to the Tetons just in time for the fall colors.

Due to the warmer than normal temperatures, the fall colors haven't really started yet in most areas of Jackson Hole.

What has definitely started is the moose mating season.

On my daily hikes; searching for moose; I have come across several bull moose hanging out near a cow and have had the 'smelly pleasure' of observing a bull moose dig a wallow pit.

It's quite interesting behavior: the bull moose uses his front hooves to dig a shallow pit, urinates in it and then rolls himself in the pit.  The female cow finds this all too much to resist and typically joins him to roll around in his urine.

Hence, not just the pit can be easy to locate, even for us humans, but some of the moose are also quite stinky this time of year ...

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A very interested bull finds out whether the cow moose is ready for mating


And finally, one of my favorite big bulls in the Tetons, photographed last fall:

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