Grizzly Bear Update

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Who knew that; barely three weeks after my last update; I'd be writing another one already?  It feels like the park has turned into a 'bear bonanza' since the middle of September.

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Grizzly 399 and her record-setting cub Spirit are back in the park!  After leaving the National Park and heading south onto private ranch land, yesterday (Friday) they passed the Moose entrance station and headed north towards Cottonwood creek.  Next stop today or tomorrow Signal Mountain and a swim across the Snake river at the Jackson Lake dam?

The water level at the dam is still very low as they are doing repairs on the dam.  The water in the Snake is so low at the moment that float trips have been canceled and elk - who are very active currently during their mating season - are simply walking across rather than having to swim.  It could be an easy crossing for Spirit!

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Once 399 arrives in her usual area around Pilgrim creek, she'll find a few other bears in the area!

Update 10/10/23: 399 and Spirit swam the Snake river at Jackson Lake dam and are back (for the time being!) in their usual area.

The big news that broke a few days ago is that Blondie (#793), who lost her three cubs of the year in the spring of 2022 and who hadn't been seen since then, showed up with two new cubs of the year!  Typically, she hangs out around Pilgrim creek when she has new cubs, but this year she decided to wait to show off her new cubs to the public until October!

Great news nonetheless.  Blondie's two cubs look very healthy and packed in fur, ready for the coming winter.  One of the cubs is very blonde; keep an eye out on my blog here (or better yet, scroll down and subscribe to get updates like these in your e-mail) for pictures.  I got a front seat showing yesterday of the family as they crossed the road.  If you want to see them, head to the Pilgrim creek area.  They have been out daily in the area between Leeks, Colter Bay, dump road and Pilgrim creek.

Blondie's older cub, #1063 (also known as Fritter or Bonita), is also a daily visitor in the same area.

Update 10/10/23: yesterday afternoon, grizzly 610 was hit by a car on the road heading east (towards Dubois) from Moran Junction. She lay by the road and everyone feared the worst ... especially with three cubs to raise.  This morning, she was seen walking around with the cubs with no major signs of external injury.  She appeared to be walking normally, so no apparent broken limbs.  That doesn't mean there are no internal injuries, but for now, this is the best we can hope for.  

The driver who hit 610 apparently left the scene (hit and run) and hasn't called in the accident.

Let's see what happens to all these bears once 399 arrives 'home'.

Profile picture of grizzly 610


399's daughter, grizzly 610, has been hanging out near the national forest at Spread Creek.  Hunting season is underway and hunters are leaving elk gut piles behind: free dinner for the grizzlies!

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