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On a hike a few days ago, I ran into one of the biggest bull moose in Grand Teton and Jackson Hole.  This big bull is known as "Hoback."

Bull moose drop their antlers annually in December - January and start to grow their new set in spring.  Now that it's July and the moose rut (mating season) starting in September, he is almost fully grown and looking impressive.

Back in 2021, Hoback was easily recognizable because one of his antlers points (called a "tine") pointed down.  In 2022, however, he did not have a drop tine.  You could still identify him by the hole in his right ear and several white dots on his nose.
This year he made it easy: he has TWO drop tines this year!

On the below picture, also note the scars on the left side of his face.  These are the result of a mating season clash with another big bull (named "Shoshone," who wasn't seen in 2022).  I have pictures of the fresh damages, taken in late fall of 2021, when the tip of Shoshone's antler was lodged in Hoback's head near his eye!  Keep an eye out for those images when I get around to posting them. (sign up below for my mailing list to stay posted)
Hoback's injuries seem to have healed although they may still be affecting his left eye, as he doesn't open it all the way.


Summer 2023
Scroll down for pictures of earlier years.

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Hoback in the summer of 2021 with one drop tine



Hoback in the summer of 2021 while shedding the velvet before the start of the mating season. 
Note the one drop tine on the left.


Hoback during mating season in 2021 with clean antlers

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Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Wildlife and Nature Photography
Thanks, good luck Marcie!
Marcie Gatton(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Will be going g this week. Hope to see some wildlife
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