Coyote Pup

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The bison rut (mating season) is in full swing here in Yellowstone's Lamar valley.

As you drive the valley between Little America and the park's Northeastern entrance near Silver Gate, sometimes it feels that you're surrounded by thousands of bison, spread out over the valley. Lots of wallowing and bellowing (grunting) going on and many couples of a big bull guarding a female are visible.

During downtimes, I'm finally getting around to editing my springtime images of Grand Teton National Park.  I got lucky to find a coyote den: my first one.

This coyote pair had (at least) 9 pups.  It was amazing watching the pups play while the parents were out and watching the excited pups greet a parent as they stopped by every few hours to 'deliver' food (as in, regurgitate food for the pups which was triggered by the pups licking the adult's mouth, just like it happens with wolves).

I have over 1,000 images to edit of the coyote pups alone ... 

Here's one of my early favorites.  This curious pup walked up for a closer look. 

Its left eye seems to have a small injury, probably from some roughhousing with its siblings!

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Mom is on her way to deliver food to the pups

Mom is collared by the National Park Service.


A cautious look from behind a bush.

Two of the pups.  The one in the front. the "runt", is smaller than its 8 siblings.

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