Up Close and Personal

April 17, 2022  •  2 Comments
Up close and personal with a grizzly. I love getting close-up shots of animals as it allows you to get a feel for the animal's personality. And, you get to look at all the details in the photograph that you never would have been able to see in person. Now that the grizzlies here in the Tetons are waking up after a long and cold winter, I'm out d...
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She's up!

April 16, 2022  •  2 Comments
She's up! Grizzly 399 and her four cubs appeared out of hibernation this afternoon. After a long winter sleep and ready for a good meal, they headed straight towards the dumpsite in the National Park where roadkill and carcasses get dumped. The dumpsite is - for good reason - off limits to the public so everyone's expecting the family to stay th...
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Moody Scene

April 09, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
A moody sunset scene with the McCullough Peaks wild horses in WY. Thank you to everyone who bought a sticker or lip balm so far: $412 collected so far to feed rescued wild horses. Get your "Save Our Wild Horses" sticker or lip balm here: https://www.vangophotos.com/support_our_wild_horses_sticker Do you enjoy wildlife stories and pictures?...
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Sandhill Crane

April 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
A sandhill crane comes in for a landing at sunset. It's quite a spectacle to visit one of these majestic bird's winter roosts. An estimated 30,000 cranes spend the winter in Arizona's Whitewater Draw area and 15,000 in New Mexico's Bosque del Apache. The result is a sometimes almost deafening noise as thousands of cranes take to the skies. F...
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April 12 Vote in Teton County

April 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
It's almost time: the first grizzly bears have been spotted coming out of hibernation in Yellowstone and the Tetons! Fingers crossed that bears like 399 with her four cubs and Felicia and her two cubs made it safely through the winter and will put in an appearance soon. After some of the avoidable calamities that happened last year with several...
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B&W Moose

March 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
On another long day spent looking for wildlife in Wyoming, it seems that the best was saved for last. Hours of nothing led to a brief grizzly bear sighting in late afternoon. The bear quickly disappeared and since it's generally not a great idea to follow a grizzly around on foot, I moved on and started heading towards home. Barely 15 minutes fr...
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New Mexico Sunset

March 21, 2022  •  2 Comments
Sometimes everything seems to come together. The sun breaking through the clouds on the western horizon to light up the clouds, the opportunity to be on the water to catch the reflection, the absence of wind to make the water a perfect mirror. I've been spending a lot of time these past winters in central New Mexico in the Rio Grande valley at th...
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Aspen Moose

March 13, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
The short period of peak fall foliage is a hectic time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The week or so when the aspen trees turn golden (before shedding the leaves) are pretty much a mad dash to find an animal to photograph in said aspen trees. Now where is the wildlife??? Some of the moose who had been so reliable during preceding weeks, were suddenly...
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Save Our Wild Horses - Lip Balm!

March 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
The lip balm is here and available for sale! In addition to "Save Our Wild Horse" stickers, several people have been asking to do more. As with the stickers, all profits from the lip balm sale goes entirely to feed rescued wild horses. Get your all natural lip balm by clicking here: Lip Balm (Chapstick) Thanks to everyone who bought stickers in 2...
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World Wildlife Day

March 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Happy World Wildlife Day! Per the United Nations, today is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that their conservation provides to people. Our treatment of wolves, especially in the Northern Rockies, comes to mind. If you want to learn more abo...
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Velvet Moose

February 27, 2022  •  6 Comments
One of the biggest bull moose in Jackson Hole, Wyoming feeds in a pond. The sun hit him just before sunset and lit up the velvet covered antlers. Fine art print is available: click here Here he is a few weeks later when the velvet is starting to come off Note one of the brow tines on the left side growing down. This makes this bull...
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Wild Horse Sticker

February 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Wild horse sticker sales are resuming in 2022! At the end of 2021, thanks to everyone who purchase a "Save Our Wild Horses" sticker in 2021, the Wild Horse Preservation Society in Laramie, WY received a check of $1,200. The entire amount of the donation went into buying winter food for their rescued wild horses. Read more about it and see the pict...
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February 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
One of my favorite things in wildlife photography is to be able to see in detail what your eye doesn't pick up in the wild. You see, it's much safer to keep your distance from a subject like a black bear and to take its picture with a big, long lens rather than to walk up to the bear for a close-up view! Here's some images from this past fall in...
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Bosque Sunset

February 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Sunset at Bosque del Apache with the sandhill cranes. Do you enjoy wildlife stories and pictures? Sign up below to receive them directly in your mailbox and also receive my free ebook with tips to improve your photography! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name </form>
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Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2022  •  9 Comments
Happy Valentines Day! Here are some of my favorite intimate wildlife moments that I was fortunate enough to capture over the past years. Wild horses at the Sand Wash Basin, Colorado Elk in Yellowstone National Park Wild horses at McCullough Peaks, Wyoming Wild horses at the Sand Wash Basin, Colorado Moose in Grand Teto...
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